Ellagic Acid Capsules

Thus, ellagic acid is an immune booster because most of our immune system lives inside the gut wall and performs its job descriptions by constant cross-talk with our gut bugs. Thus ellagic acid, and eating walnuts, helps treat food reactivities as well as many gut problems. It also helps to prevent them Antioxidant, \ ellagic acid, play a significant role in promoting health and guarding against disease The primary focus of research into ellagic acid revolves around its antioxidant properties.

As with other polyphenol antioxidants, ellagic acid has a chemoprotective effect in cellular models by reducing oxidative stress. Ellagic acid has been marketed as a dietary supplement with a range of claimed benefits against cancer, heart disease, and other medical problems.

How Supplied : in 60 Capsules Pack for One Month Course



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