BotoGenie Injection

Description :
BOTOGenie® is a biologically active and highly purified preparation of Botulinum toxin Type A. This is an extremely potent neurotoxin complex which causes relaxation of muscles, marked reduction in sweat gland secretory activity and silencing of nociceptor function on its read more...

High-dose baclofen induced complete and prolonged suppression of symptoms and consequences of alcohol dependence, and relieved anxiety. This model, integrating cure and well-being, should be tested in randomized trials, under medical surveillance. It offers a new concept: medication-induced, dose-dependent, complete and read more...

Green Coffee Bean Extract

What Quality is this Product?

  • 800mg/capsule 100% PURE Standardized Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Manufactured in cGMP laboratory in an FDA Registered facility
  • 60% Chlorogenic Acid / 50% Polyphenols / 10% Caffeine
  • No Additives, No Preservatives, 60 capsules (bottle can last read more...

Description :
POLYDOCANOL is a sterile, nonpyrogenic, and colorless to faintly greenish-yellow solution of polidocanol for intravenous use as a sclerosing agent.

The active ingredient, polidocanol is a non-ionic detergent, consisting of two components, a polar hydrophilic (dodecyl alcohol) read more...

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